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I must still thank many people!!!

My friends,

thank you very much that you have stood to me during all years aside. Without You I would have thrown away not only my dreams, I would not be possibly alive today any more.

Matt, I must thank you that you have shown me the heavy way to the music and I can realise my dreams by you.

Vera, you have always helped me in bad times. I thank for it you of whole heart. Never wants to lose you.

Sergei, I see you like a brother. Thank you for everything.

Sven, you also are already like family for me. With you one I can talk really and you don't become equally abusive.

Marian, you are fully the correct colleague. Pity that you have created it only up to upper stage.

Up to now Jablo, only by your amusing sayings I got a real smile in the face. I would like to thank for it you.

Tina, although you so far away lives I find you to kiss sweetly. Love you about everything in the world.

Up to now Hike, with you I could also talk always really well. Thank you.

Nikki, to see you as the superbest friend and with you thus something to enterprise makes me happy. I would like to thank you for it. Love you fully totally.

René, you old minitail. Your sayings are also fully correct. Even if are sometimes perverted a little bit.

Without You, my friends, I would be a heap of shit and would know how to start nothing with my life. Many thanks to You to all. You are miraculous.

                                                  Your Dennis
29.7.07 21:45

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